Welcome to our website. We're just four guys from Brooklyn doing what we do best. Music. Visit us here and on Facebook for our latest announcements on tours, music, and more...

We have a heavy sound considered to be sludge metal/rock & roll with roots in thrash, hardcore, crossover, blues, and acid rock.

John Musto- Vocals and Guitar
Soencer Reinstein- Guitar
Wynn Cicalo- Bass
Mike Palmeri- Drums

Show coming up on March 8th!!!

New News!!!  

Hey everyone. It's been a long time since the last Wrench update: 
-Since returning from Europe we have been working on a new album. Hopefully we will have something ready to go this summer! 
-And the biggest news: our brother Robert Deacy had left the band in 2014 to deal with medical and personal issues. He's now back!
-A return to Europe...? Hmmm

The Fall of Eastern Europe Tour 

YES! Wrench is officially on tour. We set out in late August beginning our tour in Budapest, Hungary. We're excited to make this journey to meet some new fans and to bring some thrash to your face! We can't wait to see you all soon! 

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