Who We Are

 Wrench is John Musto, Wynn Cicalo , Mike Palmeri ,Spencer Reinstein
In 2008,John Musto and Mike Palmeri decided to revive a band that never finished what it started in the mid-90s.  Brooklyn-based Wrench disbanded at the peak of the band's success and never got to complete the goals set forth at the band's inception.  The band's "two bass player, no guitar player" lineup was not revived, but the ferocity of the music was.

In 2012, Wrench released their first album, entitled "Dry Heaves and Tears".  The lineup of John Musto (Guitar/Vocals), Mike Palmeri (Drums), Wynn Cicalo (Bass) and Bob Deacy (Guitar) recorded 13 tracks at Method of Groove Studio with Joey Z (Life of Agony) in the producer's chair.  The album features the band's heavy, guitar driven sound and some surprising vocal arrangements from John.  From the ferocious attack of the title track, to the slow, haunting "Gospel", to the album's closing, emotional piece, "The Rain", the album never lets up, always throwing out a surprise to keep the listener on edge for 43 minutes. The band was able to promote the album on tour with Biohazard on their East Coast run of their Infection Approaching tour in 2013.  Shortly after that tour, however, Bob was forced to leave Wrench due to his serious medical conditions.  Carnivore's lefty guitar whiz, Paul Bento stepped in to take over guitar duties. 
In 2014, Wrench began the year supporting Sworn Enemy and finished it out with Merauder, playing their first ever show outside the US in Canada, at Desbouleaux Fest. With new territories in hand, Wrench stretched themselves out even further in 2015, where they embarked on their first European Tour. "The Fall of Eastern Europe Tour" was a huge success for the band, which saw them start the chaos in Budapest and finish up in Croatia at the Hazardous Open Air Festival.
In 2016, Bob Deacy returned to the lineup, fully healed and ready to go.   After supporting Whiplash and All Out War locally, Wrench headed back to Europe and conquered new territories as well as revisiting some friends from their 2015 tour.  Sadly, this tour would be the last time the "Dry Heaves and Tears" lineup would ever perform together.
In 2017, Bob Deacy was forced to resign from the band permanently.  The band wasted no time in finding a replacement, recruiting Spencer Reinstein as their new guitarist.
With a new guitarist, new material and a new tour in the works, Wrench is looking ahead to 2018 as their most productive and successful time ever.